Tempo Vino Winery of Kalamazoo
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260 E. Michigan ave. Kalamazoo, MI 49007   p.(269) 342-WINE (9463)


Pucker Up for a Lime Kiss!
Lime Kiss Label
Stop in today for a bottle of our springtime party-starting favorite, Lime Kiss!  A unique and refreshing drink, Lime Kiss is perfect for sipping on a warm spring day.  This hard lime beverage is bursting with the sweet and tart flavorsof ripe lime with a thirst quenching finish.  Enjoy over crushed ice.


  Our new Reserve Amarone was handcrafted in limited batches, and aged in small French oak barrels. Each bottle is then hand dipped and sealed in wax. The utmost care and love going into each bottle.
If you enjoy red wine, you don't miss out on this limited edition wine!
Reserve Alex's Amore Amarone:
Winemaker Alex’s favorite style of wine, this full bodied Reserve version features robust dark fruit notes with hints of cedar and spice. Moderate tannins and a higher alcohol content give this wine a rich mouthfeel. The lingering warming finish rounds out
this unique drinking experience. Pairs
well with steak, roast lamb, aged hard cheeses, and braised beef.Only 150 bottles produced.

Tempo Vino's Wine Club makes a great present for the
wine lover in your family!

The Cellar Master Wine Club at Tempo Vino
Wine Club Members receive:
 2 specially selected bottles of wine 4 times per year.
5% Off All Custom Wine Making Batches.
10% Off All Retail Merchandise.
15% Off All Bottles of Wine.
20% Off Any Case of Wine (12 bottles+)

Year long membership, only $120!
Gift certificates available.

For more info, call (269) 342-WINE


A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine.