Tempo Vino Winery of Kalamazoo
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260 E. Michigan ave. Kalamazoo, MI 49007   p.(269) 342-WINE (9463)


September is our Anniversary Month!
To celebrate our 9th anniversary, ALL of our custom winemaking packages are on sale!

Save 15%!
Fruit Wine Batch: (reg. price $195) SALE $165.75!
Gold Medallion Batch: (reg. price $235) SALE $199.75!
Premium Batch: (reg. price $275) SALE $233.75!
Supreme Batch: (reg. price $315) SALE $267.75!

Call today to schedule your wine making appointment!
(269) 342-9463

Hurry, sale ends Sept. 30th 2014


New Wines!

Kiwi Pear Sauvignon Blanc


Stop in for a bottle of our newest wine--Kiwi Pear Sauvignon Blanc!  Light and fruity, this wine has balanced flavors of (what else?!) kiwi and pear that are sweet but mellow.  A perfect, easy-drinking wine that can be enjoyed on its own on a late-summer evening, or for "pear" ing with mild cheeses or light desserts.  Try some today!  

$10.95/bottle while supplies last!

Summer Rose, Rosé Wine
Try our new dry rosé, Summer Rose.  Many people associate blush wines with overly sweet versions such as White Zinfandel, but traditional old world rosé wines are drier.  Our dry rosé is made from the Grenache grape and has notes of lush cherry, fresh strawberries and peaches with a dry and tart finish.  This isn't your grandmother's White Zinfandel!

Rosés are very food friendly and versatile because they fall in between the extremes of red and white--less instense than a big, tannic mouth-busting red, but with more depth than a super-light white.  BBQ, grilled veggies, quiche, light pasta dishes and grilled fish are all wonderful pairings with rosés.  Try a rosé for your next cook out , BBQ or pool party!  $12.95/Bottle




A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine.